colorful musical instruments for children for early stimulation, motor skills and music learning from a young age
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Alexa is a Miami based music therapist and has been board certified since 2022. A Miami native, she has almost a decade of experience as a vocalist, music educator, and interventionist.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Florida International University, where she received a bachelor's degree in Music Education and a graduate certificate in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She completed her music therapy clinical training and graduate coursework at the University of Miami, where she worked with clients in early intervention/early childhood education, special education, behavioral/mental health, and in-patient neurorehabilitation settings. After graduating in 2021, she completed her 6-month music therapy internship at Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care in Miami, Fl.


Alexa Marsellos Gonzalez


Alexa currently provides individual and group music therapy sessions throughout Miami-Dade county for clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, Learning Disorders, Neurological Conditions, and more.

As a music educator, Alexa has worked with students of all ages in private or group lessons, choral, and general music settings teaching a variety of music genres. She currently provides music lessons for clients of all ages in voice, piano, and ukulele.

Alexa is also a professional vocalist. She is a classically trained soprano, but can sing repertoire from a variety of genres. She has performed in solos and ensembles for churches, weddings, family events, business events, fundraisers and more.

Alexa founded Neurobeat Music Therapy in 2023. Her mission is to make connections with clients across ages and populations to foster growth and improve quality of life. She also strives to empower clients to take ownership of their goals and experiences, educate others on the impact of music-based interventions in the lives of others, and advocate for music therapy.

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Music Therapy

Music therapy is a research-backed field in which a certified music therapist uses music as a tool to help people across all ages, cultures, and clinical populations improve their quality of life. Because every client is different, every session is different. Skills addressed in each session are determined by a music therapist's assessment.

Some skills music therapy can address include learning and memory, speech and language development or rehabilitation, physical and motor goals, and emotional expression. During a session, a client could sing or play instruments, listen to music, move to music, or even write their own music.

Music therapists can work with both individuals or groups and can adapt activities to suit almost anyone. In many cases, music therapists work together with other professionals, such as teachers, and speech, occupational, physical or behavioral therapists. Through therapeutic use of music, a client’s abilities are developed and strengthened, then transferred into an area of their everyday life.

Currently, we provide music therapy sessions in the community, traveling to clients' homes or other natural environment (such as a school) when possible.

Music Lessons & Classes

Music lessons differ from music therapy sessions in that the goal is to participate in musical experiences for the sake of learning and developing musical skills rather than functional skills.

Neurobeat currently offers private music lessons in voice, piano, or ukulele. Additionally, we offer group music classes for clients of all ages. Some of our previous work includes developmental music enrichment classes, lessons to develop musical skills for leisure, and audition preparation.

Contact us so we can discuss your personal musical goals!

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Music Performances

Some additional services we offer include music performances for a variety of events.

My previous experience includes performing as a soloist or in ensembles for events such as weddings, birthday or holiday parties, or business events.

Contact us to curate a personalized music performance for your next event!

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